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trust and science.

posted 2020.01.18

- Some months ago, I wrote these 2 lines after a call with my grandma. -

Today, I have experienced something that hit me. My grandmother, suffering from Alzheimer disease like her mother before her, did not recognise my voice over the phone. Being a stranger for those moments has been weird. This led me to think.

We need to trust more the scientific community, we need to be more connected to that world so far away in which people mostly study, discuss at international meetings and write on Mathematica, Python and Latex. Experiments and calculations are means through which the society has evolved and thanks to which the technology we have today has originated. My grandmother did not want to start the therapy suggested due to her rejection of the diagnosis. She did not believe having a problem but that is an issue which belongs to another discipline. However, my grandfather did not make things easier, reasoning that the medicines would have not done what supposed to do, "no way". Well, the entire reaction to the problem and to its proposed solution is unreasonable. We should be honest and humble to let other people do their jobs. This sentiment of uselessness regarding scientific studies and people that passed their lives trying to come out with the smallest step aiming to some advancements has to stop. These people deserve to be trusted just like your electrician or plumber that you are very likely to let do their jobs without interfering or pretending to know what you do not know.

Science is serious, science is difficult and it is worth to be trusted. People doing research believe in something, struggle to arrive at the end of a long journey of education and finally, when they can give their contribution and apply what they know for a better purpose, they are not trusted. My grandmother could have started her therapy earlier reducing the effects of the advancing illness if only science and who works in it had been trusted.

Hoping in my life to be trusted.

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