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in applied science leads to reforms, research in pure science leads to revolutions. - JJ Thomson

how to - poster presentation.

posted 2020.02.29

Poster presentations are largely despised. I guess the main reason for this is a detrimental comparison with the talk. A talk focusses the entire attention of the audience on you and you have the opportunity to narrate your own research to everyone at the same time. In contrast, a poster presentation is made of tens of people scattered around a hall that becomes inevitably noisy and chaotic. Few people stops and you find yourself repeating again and again the same story. This, until you stop and think twice of the poster presentation. In that moment, you have the opportunity of doing something that a talk will never be able to offer you, having a 1-to-1 discussion about your reseach. You give an input and you receive an output. If smartly designed and presented in the right way, a poster presentation can boost your research and give you plenty of new ideas and questions to tackle.

For this reason, I want to show some of the tools, notes and thoughts I have about how to make a good experience of a poster presentation. Soon, some tips and tricks to have a good poster-presentation experience.

If you are interested in neat CSS layouts, take a look at Bootstrap. The sidenav is not included though ;)
Also, Mathjax is the answer to your question about Latex rendering.

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